Earthing And Athletic Performance

What is Earthing?

The Earth provides us with an unlimited source of negatively charged free electrons, which we are able to absorb every time we come into contact with the Earth's surface. These free electrons then spread throughout our tissues and neutralise any positively charged free radicals in the body. This effect is sufficient to maintain the body at zero volts, which is the same electrical potential as the Earth. 

According to a report in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health: “It is an established, though not widely appreciated fact that the Earth’s surface possesses a limitless and continuously renewed supply of free or mobile electrons. The Earth’s negative charge can create a stable internal bioelectrical environment for the normal functioning of all body systems which may be important for setting the biological clock, regulating circadian rhythms, and balancing cortisol levels.” 

The health benefits of earthing are well documented with 21 research studies in peer-reviewed journals in areas from sleep, inflammation, pain, blood circulation, heart rate variability, mood and more.

By Clint Ober

Earthing and Athletic Performance

Earthing is becoming recognised as a important component for top athletes who are looking to optimsie the body's biological function and athletic performance. The 8 time Tour de France Champions ‘The Discovery Channel’ along with various Olympic swimmers, runners, weightlifters and triathletes, have all used Earthing to optimise their performance. 

The effects of Earthing have been shown to accelerate recovery from training, competition and injuries allowing one to train harder and achieve greater athletic performance. This is due to the reduction in inflammation, as seen through various imaging methods – view science. The increased rate of recovery, reduced inflammation and tissue repair are among some of the main reasons why many athletes are choosing to incorporate Earthing technology into their regimes. 

The following images show a 44-year-old woman with chronic back pain. Monitored by thermography, a commonly used imaging method in medicine, the left image was taken before grounding. The red patterns represent “hot” areas of pain and inflammation. The right image shows a sharp reduction in inflammation after four nights of sleeping grounded.

Competition and training wear the body down making recovery vital for achieving optimal performance. If you can repair faster, you are open to a higher level of athletic performance. The more time you spend Earthed, the greater your body’s ability to repair and regenerate, leading to the possibility of more frequent training and less fatigue in competition. 

Earthing Technology Used In The Tour de France

Watch how Tour de France cyclists use Earthing technology to improve performance and accelerate recovery.

Earthing Technology Used In The Tour de France

Watch how Tour de France cyclists use Earthing technology to improve performance and accelerate recovery.

Reduces Inflammation

Scientifically proven to help reverse inflammation, allowing one to recover faster from fatigue and injury

Recover Faster

Earthing aids recovery, giving one the opportunity to increase training frequency and reduce the risk of injury.

Increased Energy

Mother Earth supplies the richest source of energy in the form of free electrons, leading to noticeable increases in energy

Calms The Nervous System

Earthing has an immediate physiological effect on the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), switching the body to a more parasympathetic state and inducing a sense of calm

Improves Sleep Quality

Experience more time in deep REM sleep. Resets your circadian rhythm allowing one to fall sleep faster and experience greater clarity upon waking

Improves Blood Flow

Earthing improves blood flow resulting in more oxygen being delivered to the muscles, leading to less fatigue and better endurance

How To Get The Benefits Of Earthing

The easiest way to get the benefits of Earthing is to simply make direct skin contact with the Earth's surface. Walking barefoot on the grass, sand, or dirt is an excellent way to ground the body and tap into the Earth's unlimited supply of free electrons. These free electrons then spread throughout our tissues and neutralise any positively charged free radicals in the body.

Unfortunately, modern living has mostly isolated us from accessing the benefits of Earthing. Everything from wearing rubber soled shoes to the use of synthetic flooring materials, all block our ability to connect with the Earth. This is where Earthing technology comes in as a revolutionary way of reconnecting with the Earths surface in the modern world.

Arguably the best way to incorporate Earthing into your lifestyle and training regime would be with an Earthing Sheet. Earthing Sheets allow one to stay grounded while sleeping, providing the body with 6-8 hours of uninterrupted grounding, at a time where the body undergoes the most healing and regeneration.

How Do Earthing Sheets Work?

Earthing sheets are lined with a pure silver thread which makes the material highly conductive. The sheet is then connected to the Earth point of any standard UK plug socket and does not require any electricity.

Once the sheet is plugged into a socket via the cord provided, the sheet instantly becomes grounded to the Earth. The Earthing Sheet simply acts as an extension cord, bringing the Earth's energy inside and allowing you to stay grounded while you sleep — the equivalent of being barefoot outside. 

The sheet can be used underneath your current sheet, however, for optimal benefits, it is recommended that you make direct skin contact with the sheet.