Our Story

From humble beginnings, Rowland Earthing is a UK based company formed of a small but passionate team of health enthusiasts who are committed to bringing the most cutting edge Earthing technology to the market. 

To this day, the science behind Earthing continues to fascinate us and the more we learn the more we appreciate the power of this unique natural phenomenon, known as Earthing, and the significant role it plays in human health. From reducing inflammation and calming the autonomic nervous system to resetting circadian rhythms and improving sleep quality, there is a whole world of new science emerging showing the relationship between Earthing and human biology. 

The Rowland Earthing Sheet has been specifically designed to help one achieve the maximum benefit from Earthing. After many modifications, and our desire for people to experience Earthing at its full potential, we truly believe that we have created one of the most effective Earthing Sheets on the market today. 

We are so very grateful for all the messages and positive feedback we’ve had over the years. Knowing that our product is helping people and improving lives is why we do what we do. 

If the Rowland Earthing Sheet or any of the information on our website has helped you, we'd love to hear about it! Just head over to our contact page and drop us a line. And if you hear of any new research around the area of Earthing, we’d love to know about that too! 

Sharing Our Knowledge

The world of health, longevity and biohacking is a fascinating one. Living in the modern world has forced many of us to become disconnected with nature and, unfortunately, it is this disconnect where problems can begin to occur. Achieving optimal health and longevity is about reconnecting with nature and using the power of nature to our own advantage. 

We are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to share our knowledge with so many people around the world. Grounding or 'Earthing' has been a revelation to many and our grounding products have been able to help many people reconnect with Mother Earth. If we use nature to our advantage we use technology to help our human biology thrive. 


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