How To Make Your Own Earthing Sheet

For those of you that are unfamiliar with earthing, don't worry, we've got you covered! After reading this, you'll have a great understanding of what earthing is and why so many people do it. 

If you are already aware of the power of earthing, you can skip to the second half of the page to find out how you can make your own earthing sheet from scratch. However, we recommend at least scanning the first half, you may still learn something new!

What Is Earthing (Image not paid for yet)

Grounding, or often referred to as earthing, is the connecting to the earth’s natural electrical current with skin contact. This can be done by walking barefoot on the beach, grass, dirt, or even swimming in a lake. In short, any time you are touching the earth, you are grounded. 

The health benefits of earthing are well documented with 21 research studies in peer-reviewed journals in areas from sleep, inflammation, pain, blood circulation, heart rate variability, mood and more.

Why Sleep Grounded (maybe Home pg section or image)

  • Improves sleep quality 
  • Reduces Inflammation 
  • Increased Energy 
  • Relieves Stress And Anxiety 
  • Improved Immune Function 
  • Naturally thins the blood 
  • Improves recovery rate following strenuous activity 
  • Reduces chronic pain 

To learn more about the science behind earthing, visit out science page:

Why Grounding In The Bedroom Is So Important

Sleeping indoors insulates us from the Earth, which means that we are disconnected from the Earth’s natural electric current. In addition to this, the further away from the ground you are, the greater the electrical charge your body carries. Every meter above ground level, there is a build-up of around 300 volts inside the body. So, if you are sleeping in a second storey bedroom, you will carry a charge of 1,000 volts, on average. This can cause an unhealthy build-up of excess free radicals in the body, leading to oxidative stress, inflammation and accelerated ageing. One study even found that people living in multi-storey homes had a 40% increase in stroke risk, with high body voltage being one of the causing factors.

How To Stay Grounded (do we need this part?)

Grounding for small amounts of time can be beneficial, but the longer you remain grounded, the greater the benefits are. Here are some of the best ways to stay grounded as much as possible: 

Outside – The most obvious and the cheapest way to ground your body is to do it outside. The best place to go is the beach, because saltwater is an extremely good conductor. If you don’t have access to a beach, grassy areas are also very good. If it is covered in dew or rain water, this is even better.  

Earthing Mat – These are great for staying grounded at your desk or at home. As you can imagine, offices generally have dangerous amounts of EMF’s which can be very damaging to your health. Earthing mats will allow you to mitigate that damage. Usually they are relatively small, which makes them easy to take to different locations.   

Earthing Bed Sheet – Grounding during sleep provides the body with multiple hours of free electrons, at a time where the body undergoes the most healing and regeneration. Sleeping grounded has also been shown to regulate the body’s natural circadian rhythm, otherwise known as the sleep-wake cycle, leading to numerous potential health benefits, including; improved sleep quality, deeper more restorative sleep, finding it easier to fall asleep, greater clarity upon waking, insomnia relief and more.  

Making Your Own Earthing Sheet:

When it comes to earthing sheets there are two options; the first is to buy a ready made earthing sheet which you can learn more about on our website here: (  

...Or You Can Make Your Own With This Step-By-Step Guide  

What you need:

  • Metal screen wire mesh – Aluminium is most affordable and reasonably priced 
  • Wiring/cable - Preferably copper 
  • Duct tape 
  • Metal rod/steak - Preferably copper 
  • An old sheet you don’t mind sacrificing

Making the sheet:  

Step 1 
Unravel the metal screen on top of the old bed sheet and cut a piece that you feel is large enough for you to sleep fully or partially on (both will give you the benefits of grounding).

Step 2 
Carefully strip a few inches of the copper wire so that you can see the copper and attach it to the corner of the metal screen that will be closest to the window, you can do this with duct tape.

Step 3 
Next, tape the metal screen to the old sheet securely enough so that it won’t become loose during the night. Tape all four sides to avoid the discomfort of metal edges poking you in the night!

Step 4 
Run the wire though your window and to the nearest point of soft ground, e.g. grass, dirt, sand etc.  

Step 5 
Strip a few inches of the wire covering to expose the copper and attach it to the metal rod with duct tape. Then you can press the rod into the ground.

Step 6
You can cover the mesh with another bed sheet or you can gain greater benefits by sleeping directly on it. The choice is yours!

And there you have it! A homemade Earthing sheet.